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What is a TSU?

A TSU or Tsunami Sound Unit is a sound library that holds a set of sounds that can be played with SPSv3 and Tsunami. (More technically the sound library is a Windows DLL or dynamically loadable library, with the extension of TSU.) TSUs can be made by any program that can compile DLLs. (Borland's Delphi, Microsoft's Visual C++ and Borland's C++ Builder are three that I know of.)

Inside the TSU is a set of sound files and information about those sound files. SPSv3 reads the info about the sound files, puts the information into the play list, builds the menu, and then loads the TSU when it wants to play a sound contained with in it. SPSv3 then unloads the TSU after playing the sound.

The TSUs are only compatible with Tsunami and SPSv3. (Unless someone else takes the time to create a player that will read these DLL formats.) Don't try and rename any 'generic' DLLs for use with SPSv3 and Tsunami they will not work.

If you want to know how to make a TSU, click here for some info but you are on your own. We can't help you.

Click here to go to our download page and see what TSUs are currently available for South Park.

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