O.K. I like it, where do I buy it??

We have set up a secure web page on RegNow.com. Click on the link below and you will access the secure web pages.  RegNow.com uses Secure Socket Layers to make sure your credit card info is safe from snooping. (We've purchased stuff from their site, they are a first class operation.) After your order is completed you will be able to download the Tsunami Wav Player directly from RegNow.com's site.

[Click HERE to Order Tsunami]

NOTE: Tsunami currently will not run TSUs like South Park Speaks version 3. We will be upgrading it soon, with that and other features.  All orders will get a free upgrade.

In order to run the Tsunami Wav Player you must have Win95 or WinNT - AND have a sound card.  We tested Tsunami on several Win95 and WinNT configurations - and there have been no reported problems. If South Park Speaks works on your computer - so will Tsunami. We highly recommend that you download South Park Speaks and test its operation prior to purchasing Tsunami.

If you are concerned about ordering via the web - or don't believe in credit cards, then drop us an email and we'll work something out.

Questions, comments and all around abuse can be sent to:

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